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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Updated 29 August 08

See how your Councillor Voted!!
See the working sea defences post.
Do leave posts here. You may have to register and sign in to express your view.This is not Cuba so we welcome those who are for ECO Town too.You can contact me at Please remember I am a volunteer and keep it polite and clean.

And vote for or against ECO last item below.

See how your councillors voted:

All Internet ELDC Councillors have been asked to withdraw the ECO Town Bid.

I will publish their responses here.

The ELDC Councillors have responded. 'No ECO Town' Bless them.

Now we need an enquiry.

How did this most ambitious project get going without their say so?


How do we repair the damaging statements about East Lindsey,

particularly the coastal towns, that were made in this bid?

How do we put that muck back into the donkey?

Why did councillor Bud Shields support the damaging statements about our area? And why has councillor Dave Andrews refused to respond to genuine concerns and requests to insist on the dismissal of the author of this awful report about our coastal areas?

See the submitted questions at Now the Questions below.

See the Mysterious East Lindsey 'Homeless'Keith

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