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Monday, 2 November 2009

Tax Laundered Money Go Round.

The Nottingham Declaration whereby no matter who we vote in, in this case the Conservatives, they are hamstrung and tied to a liberal green policy based on very faulty computer modelling of climate predictions, already being disproved, since the planet is not doing what the model said it would.

The Declaration not only makes elections a farce because no council has autonomy in decisions but by a sequence of clever money laundering, up through Salix Ltd, The Carbon Trust and on to the Government, the councils are then bribed, with taxpayers money, to spend local money on madcap green policies which will cost the poor unfortunates even more money. By a Hans Christian Anderson myth that mankind can change climate and destroy the planet, only politicians could imagine that amount of power being vested in mere mortals and then expect them to pay for it too.

This control freakery government is using our own money so that even Conservative councils follow their expensive pied piper to a liberal induced penury. But in this instance, he who pays doesn’t get to call the tune. Why not just pay our councils grants directly and without strings so that they can act unfettered as the electorate imagined it elected them to do?

So before we get to the next election, can the ELDC leaders please let me know exactly what they are doing about this undemocratic and costly money laundering?

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