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Friday, 30 April 2010

Lincolnshire Eco Twaddle

I was very amused by the large figures quoted for Lincolnshire Co2 savings of 70,000 tonnes, equivalent to the removal of 21000 cars, as was published in Lincs-Today.

Perhaps we need to get some perspective about this though. 70,000 tonnes sound like an awful lot of CO2 but in fact it is not.

Given that all of the UK's 30,000,000 cars only produce about 0.28% of all man made CO2 one can see that 21000 cars would only represent a saving of about 0.07% of 0.28% of man made CO2 or only 0.0196%.

At about 380ppm we are still at the very low end of historic co2 when the planet was very lush, green and vibrant, at about 4 times that quantity.

It seems that the anti human lobby are still trying to bamboozle us with these apparently high numbers when in fact nothing can be further from the truth.

Now what is the cost to Lincolnshire people for all this nonsense and who is making money from these figures as a result?

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