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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Securing The Future? The Government debate.

As a non science person, I welcome good news. Why is Dave so determined on bad negative news that Government and profiteers can use to make my life, my kids lives and my grandchildren's lives bad right now? Whilst we argue one thing is for sure, the economics of green is killing people and making their life harder now and yet they reverse the truth by saying 'what if we are wrong? It's like insurance. We can't take a chance' they say. So they confess it is only theory.  But what isn't theory is that they are ruining us now already and they don't know they are correct. They insist that the rest of us, who do not believe them one iota, must make sacrifices for theory and modelling. Ok we on the other side are quite happy to disagree and allow the Greens to follow their beliefs and take the Hair Shirt if they wish but they want the rest of us to go down with them. So for starters let people like Dave live without all the essentials and show the rest how its done but please allow us to disagree and decide unilaterally. Of course there has been warming. We have been climbing out of the Little Ice Age since about 1750. Why do these people ignore history to make their cases? I do not need references to make the historic points I have made in my last post. It is obvious to me that bullsh-t baffles brains and there is nothing better than academics arguing about the obvious to illustrate that. So please do tell me. If the Planet has been too hostile for mankind most of its life, and we have only been here for the last second of a day of its life, why, as we like it, is as it is supposed to be? Ok tell me. Who gets to choose how it should be? And if 7 billion of us reach a consencus on that, how do we keep it like it? How big and effective do these Greens think mankind really is? The Planet will become too hostile for mankind no matter what we do and it too will eventually be consumed. So no we cannot 'Save The Planet' and that means the whole premise is false then doesn't it? So Dave grab the good news with glee. Don't knock it mate!

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