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Sunday, 13 December 2009

When groups invoke 'the children & grandchildren' as they do against drivers, they did about 'stopping the bomb', the Ozone Layer and now 'saving the planet', then for me it is the lowest form of politics. It tells me that rational debate is off the agenda and usually at the expense of the welfare of the very children that they claim to care about. I wrote to Bishop of Lincoln, John Saxbee, about Ken Livingstone's lies to London and asked if he likes his flock lied to from sheer profit motives? So far he has not responded.
Maybe Bishop John has been misled by the latest Meteorological Office ruse of announcing the last ten years as the hottest on record. Given that records have only been kept for 150 years and during that time we have, thankfully, been steadily climbing out of the Little Ice Age, then it is to be expected but it remains that 'hot', as it may have been, the warming had already stopped about ten years ago too and there has even been a drop in global temperature recently. So this is another case of a dishonest sleight of hand to hide that there has been no warming since 1998 proving Nicholas Stern's predictions wrong.

Dear Bishop Jackie,

I know you are an honest man and a man of the people. You may be interested in my comments to Ken Livingstone who lied to the people of London on Saturday. (Idiots don't get where he did). How ungodly to believe that mankind can choose how the planet was meant to be when for 99% of its life it has been hostile to mankind. How ungodly to talk of “saving a planet” when in due time it will return to a hostile state, unfit for humans and eventually be consumed by the Sun. So do you enjoy your people being misled like this?

There are two fraudulent industries which, because of your trusting nature, you support. Both cost lives, affect your people’s welfare and both are making fortunes from flawed statistics and lies — the Climate Change Industry and the Road Safety Industry. Please read the lies that Livingstone told London as the people of Lincolnshire are being told them too, at

Regards, Keith Peat.
See the Ken Livingstone letter under: Warming nonsense tag.

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