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Friday, 1 January 2010

Piers Corbyn Challenges PM for debate.

Here Piers Corbyn, a scientist and climatologist who really does predict weather well in advance, explains how the climate change scam was done, why it was done, and then tells us what we should do now. One thing he wants is to challenge Gordon Brown for open debate instead of calling people silly names.

He confirms what I have been saying for many months here, within ABD, and in the Press that the economics of the climate change scam will ruin and kill people and be an attack on our western way of life. It used to be called Communism.

Do watch Corbyn here:

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MrsM said...

We are having an eco town foisted on the people of Whitehill, Bordon and the surrounding villages. Five thousand five hundred houses and all the attendant promises of a better life. But wait, silly me, I thought not enough people to fill them from this area. So what do we find? People from the housing list from areas all over Hampshire will be moving here. A very large percentage of these properties will be social housing.

Of course, we will not be allowed cars, and public transport has been almost non exisitent in the years I have lived here.

Yes it has been foisted upon us. The council asked us how many houses we would like to be built if and when the army moved out. The overwhelming majority voted for 2,000 properties. So they say thanks very much but we will build 5,500. So much for democracy.
Both the Conservatives and the Lib Dems have come out against eco towns. What have we here? A Conservative council receiving heavy support from the Lib Dem minority.